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Practice Areas

Wesco Serves its Clients in many areas of business. 



Wesco Helps its clients with following Tax returns & filings:


T2 - Corporate Taxes

T1 - Individual Taxes

T3 - Trust Taxes

Not-for-Profit Information Returns



Liquor Taxes

Worksafe Returns



Wesco has a partnership with Telpay. We help clients with Auto-deposit of their payrolls to their employees, Payments to vendors and other entities. 

We are a full-service payroll firm and do payroll from 1 employee to 250 employees. We also help clients with ROE's and sub-contractor payments. 

We also file all your year-end filings such as

T4sum, T4's, T4A's T5008, T3's and many other Govt. required filings


Wesco has the expertise in Audit Support to resolve the matter with the Canada Revenue Agency on behalf of our clients. 

We can also help our Clients in their dealing with Law firms, Tax litigation firms and disputes with other Govt. agencies. 


Client Base

We currently serve the following industries:


Health Care:

Medical Clinics

Physiotherapy Clinics

Veterinary Clinics

Construction Companies

Trucking & Transportation 

Food & Beverages Service Companies

Restaurants & Banquet Halls

Manufacturing Companies

Law Firms

Real Estate & Mortgage Professionals




Bookkeeping is the first and foremost step in accounting and we find that many clients spend far too much time and energy in keeping their books up-to-date. 


We specialize in Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly bookkeeping services for our clients to give them options according to their needs and budgets.

In our experience, clients can far increase their returns on investment if they spend more time on their business and have our team manage their Bookkeeping. 


Cash Management


Cash -Management is the heart and soul of any business and it is by far the single most important reason why many businesses don't do as well as they should. Common reasons are missed invoices, poor Accounts receivable and Payables management. 

We work with Accounts Receivable management company to ensure that our Clients have minimum losses due to bad debts and they keep getting paid for their hard-earned  money. 

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